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The Sunday Class
Please e-mail if you would like more details about classes or to receive the fortnightly ‘News e-mail’
The Sunday Class has close links with Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band who recorded the CD to accompany Dance Book 1 and are currently working on the follow-up. Marian’s Band also play on the ‘Band Holiday’ organised in Portugal/Spain each March (details on the Holidays page).
Several of Marian Anderson’s CDs are available through the website shop, including the very popular (and now re-issued) RSCDS Belfast Branch Diamond Jubilee Dances.
Scottish Country Dancing in the East Midlands
These classes are for anyone above basic beginner level. If you know the steps and the normal formations then you will be very welcome.
Teaching is not by an RSCDS teacher and is aimed at teaching how to do a particular dance at a social event not for demonstration purposes
Learn different dances and practice more difficult ones than you may get at your weekly class .....
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