The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
ANNE DUCHESS OF WALTHAM	(S1x80) 3c Triangular set	Amanda Peart 	TSC Book 1  1- 8	Circle 6 hands round and back 9-16	All set to partner twice, turn twice with both hands  17-22	1s cross down and dance out between the side couples, meet and cross back up, dancing out between the opposite side couple and meet at the top.  23-24	All cross RH with partner to face ‘corner’ (1L+2M, 2L+3M, 3L+1M) 25-32	Set to corner, turn LH 1˝ times, men continue dancing to cast (anti-clockwise) around the ‘other lady’ i.e neither their partner nor their ‘corner’, to place next to their partner.     All have now moved on one place  33-48 & 	Repeat bars 17-32 with new first couple 49-64	  65-72	All set to partner twice, turn twice with both hands 73-80	Circle 6 hands round and back
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Written in honour of Anne MacNeill’s 90th birthday in November 2009. Initially danced to The Avon Valley Strathspey (tunes Megan Andante and MHBHM, both by Muriel Johnstone), Marian Anderson recorded Highland Cathedral and her own tune, The Falling Maple Leaf, for The Sunday Class Dance Book 1.