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The Sunday Class
Written   for   Stewart   Adam   in   recognition   of   his   award   of   the   RSCDS   Scroll   of   Honour   at   the   AGM   in   Perth   in November 2015 and first danced at the Edinburgh Branch Christmas Party in December that year. Stewart   has   served   as   Chairman   of   RSCDS   Edinburgh   Branch,   Dunedin   Dancers   and   the   RSCDS. Along   with   his   wife Chris,   he   is   a   most   sociable   dancer   and   after   dancing   he   can   usually   be   found   near   the   bar   in   a   jovial   group   –   a true “bon viveur”. The   dance   was   originally   submitted   to   the   RSCDS   with   Wing   Commander   Donald   Mackenzie's   Reel   as   the   suggested tune   for   the   reel   part.   Since   this   tune   was   deemed   too   difficult   and   it   wasn't   possible   to   obtain   copyright clearance   for   reprinting   it   in   the   book,   Iain   MacPhail   (a   good   friend   of   Stewart   Adam's)   was   asked   to   compose   a reel tune for the dance. This tune – Stewart Adam – Bon Viveur – is the one that is now in the RSCDS book. The   phrase   “bon   viveur”   is   a   pseudo-French   phrase   adopted   in   English   in   the   mid   19 th    century,   modelled   on   the French   “bon   vivant”   meaning   "one   who   lives   well",   i.e.   referring   to   a   person   who   enjoys   the   good   things   of   life. The phrase is not derogatory but can convey a sense of overindulgence.
Taught/practised on: 2018 September 2 nd
THE BON VIVEUR  M-((S2x32)+(R2x32)) Sq.set Ian Brockbank  RSCDS Book 52  1- 8 All circle 8H round & back  9-16 1s+3s dance Men's Chain finish with Ladies facing out 17-28 All   dance   Schiehallion   reels   (12   bars)   to   finish   1   place   clockwise   from starting place i.e. 4 1 2 3 29-32 All birl (or turn) partners RH Dance twice as Strathspey, twice as Reel