The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2018 August 12 th
CALIFORNIA DREAMING  (S3x32)  Holly Boyd  Celebrations   1- 8 Tourbillon for 3 couples:     `1s+2s   ½   turn   partner   2H   &   ‘tow’   to   1s   on   Ladies’   side,   2s   on   Men’s side   `1s+2s+3s   set   `1s+2s   ½   turn   partner   2H   &   ‘tow’   to   finish   on   opposite   sides   while   3s ½ turn 2H   `1s   cross   RH   to   face   clockwise   (2 nd    place   own   sides)   while   2s+3s   ¾ turn RH to centre line facing partner (L facing up, M facing down)  9-16 2s+1s+3s dance a Weasel Reel:   All   continuously   dance   ½   reel   of   4   on   centre   line,   when   reaching   end cast    clockwise    to    own    side    &    rejoin    reel    at    other    end    (1s    cast clockwise,   dance   ½   reel,   cast   clockwise),   all   entering   or   leaving   reel pass RSh 17-20 2s+3s petronella to own sides as 1s Adv+Ret (2 bars), 2s+1s+3s set 21-24 2s+1s+3s dance ½ RSh reel of 3 on sides, 2s & 3s loop into place 25-32 3s+1M,   2s+1L   dance   LH    across,   1s   pass   LSh   to   3s+1L,   2s+1M   dance   RH across
Celebrating Asilomar 2016. Every   year   in   October-November,   San   Francisco   RSCDS   hold   a Dance     Weekend     at     Asilomar,     on     the     beautiful     Monterey Peninsula,   just   120   miles   south   of   San   Francisco. This   spectacular state   park,   with   its   historic   buildings   designed   by   Julia   Morgan, 107   acres   of   woodlands,   sand   dunes,   and   ocean   beach   is   an   ideal setting for a magical weekend of Scottish country dancing. Asilomar   offers   charming,   modern   guest   rooms,   set   in   a   rustic, restful    setting    and    promises    you    an    unforgettable    weekend dancing    in    beautiful    Merrill    Hall,    classes    with    world-class teachers and outstanding musicians.