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THE RECUMBENT STONE (R5x48) John Drewry  Greenburn Book 3  1- 8 2s+3s+4s circle 6H round & back while 1s & 5s wait for 4 bars then turn RH for 4 bars  9-16 1s & 3s dance Fig of 8 round couples below them 17-24 1s & 3s dancing between couple below turn them with nearer hand 1½ times, cast down behind next couple & lead up to face 1st corners 25-32 1s & 3s dance ½ diag reel of 4 with 1st corners, pass RSh & ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 2nd corners to end passing RSh to face 3rd corners 33-40 1s & 3s dance ½ diag reel with 3rd corners & pass RSh to face each other up/down in centre (Ladies face down & Men up) & ½ reel of 4 in centre 41-48 3s & 1s turn RH 1¼ times to 2nd/4th places (opposite side) & dance ½ Figs of 8 across round couples on their left (Lady up, Man down) to end 5 3 4 1 2
Recumbent stone circles are a variation on the standard stone circles and are peculiar to the north east of Scotland and the south west of Ireland. Recumbent stone circles date back to approx 3000BC. A recumbent circle is formed principally of a ring of stones, like all other stone circles; however, there is one, large recumbent stone laid on its side (Bars 1-8, 2s+3s+4s 6 hands round and back), usually flanked by the two largest of the standing stones immediately on either side (Bars 4-8 1s & 5s turn RH). The stones are commonly graded in height with the lowest stones being diametrically opposite to the tall flankers.
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