The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2012 January 15 th
For many years, John Drewry taught at the Morland Week School where the Chris Dewhurst Band played. He was also a very keen walker, as are many Scottish Country dancers. When two of the dancers at the Morland Week were walking near Ullswater, they met a solitary hiker. He wore a straw hat, a rucksack, climbing boots and nothing else! This dance is a light-hearted depiction of this incident and is not to be taken too seriously! The dance is dedicated to all who walk alone and the recommended music is the traditional tune “Cold and Raw” (though, as a dance, this is an 8x24 bar jig). Chris Dewhurst’s recording “Morland Ladies” seems appropriate .... .... and before anyone asks whether the hiker may have been invited to try Scottish dancing, consider the observation by Sir Robert Helpmann (ballet) - “the problem with dancing in the nude is that when the music stops not everything else does.” It also should be added that John wrote two other ‘nude’ dances - “Three Naked Men” in the Autumn Collection 1984 and “Starkers to Yarkers” in the Stoneywood Collection Vol.II
STARKER’S FELL (J4x32) John Drewry (1994) Bankhead Book 5  1- 8 1s, followed by 2s, 3s & 4s, cast off on own sides, dancing down to 4 th  place, and giving LH, cross and dance up on opposite sides  9-12 1s & 3s dance ½ fig of 8 round couple below (2s/4s) 13-16 2s & 4s dance ½ fig of 8 round couple above (1s/3s) 17-20 1s, with NHJ, dance down for one bar, then dividing and each facing own sides (averting their gaze from 4M!!!), slip-step down whilst 4M dances up the middle 21-24 1s curve in to meet and with NHJ, slip-step up the middle to original places, facing out whilst 4M casts off on own side to original place 25-26 1M+2M change places LH whilst 1L+2L changes place RH 27-28 1M+3M change places RH whilst 1L+3L changes place LH 29-32 1M+4M turn 1½ LH whilst 1L+4L turn 1½ RH