The Sunday Class
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The   Sheffield   Winter   Garden   was   opened   in   2003,   one   of   the   largest temperate   glasshouses   to   be   built   in   the   UK   during   the   last   100   years;   the largest   urban   glasshouse   in   Europe;   and   is   home   to   over   2,500   plants   from around the world. The   building   is   one   of   the   largest   Glued   Laminated   Timber   or   "Glulam" buildings   in   the   UK   (Glulam   is   made   by   forming   and   gluing   strips   of   timber into   specific   shapes). The   wood   used   is   Larch,   a   durable   timber   which   will, over   time,   turn   a   light   silvery   grey   colour,   and   requires   no   preservatives   or coatings.   This   reduces   the   use   of   solvents   and   also   avoids   the   use   of chemicals    that    could    harm    the    plants.    It    has    an    intelligent    Building Management   System   which   controls   fans   and   vents   to   make   sure   the   plants are   cooled   in   summer   and   kept   warm   in   winter.   The   system   will   "learn" year by year. The   bedding   plants   are   changed   five   times   a   year,   to   give   a   seasonal change,   and   all   the   plants   are   watered   by   hose   or   by   watering   can,   as   it   is the only way to ensure that all the plants get the correct amount of water. The   first   eight   bars   of   the   dance   represent   the   shape   of   the   cross-section of the building, and the rest represent the various plants.
Taught/practised on: 2016 February 14 th
THE WINTER GARDEN  (S8x32) Joyce Porteous  Sheffield Diamond (Third Sheaf)  1- 8 1s   set,   cross   RH,   cast   2   places,   cross   up   to   2 nd    place   facing   out   (2s step up 5-6)   9-12 1s turn 3s (Men LH, Ladies RH), 1s meet & dance up 13-16 1s   turn   2s   (Men   LH,   Ladies   RH),   1s   set   advancing   to   end   BtoB   facing 1 st  corners 17-20 Corner Pass & Twirl with 1 st  corners `1s   pass   corners   RSh,   dance   round   corner   place,   pass   each   other   LSh to face 2 nd  corners while `1 st    corners   dance   in,   ½   turn   2H,   face   &   pulling   back   RSh   dance   out to opposite corner place 21-24 Corner   Pass   &   Twirl   with   2 nd    corners,   1s   ending   LSh   to   LSh   in   middle facing own side 25-28 1s turn 1½ LH while 3s+2s chase clockwise ½ way round 29-32 1L+2s & 1M+3s dance RH across to end 2 1 3