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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 19 th May 2020
Ewan   Galloway   has   been   playing   Scottish   music   for   a   long   time   but   this   is   his   first   CD   for   SCD,   and follows his much acclaimed debut at RSCDS Summer School 2019. Jean   Martin   says:   To   the   delight   of   students   and   teachers,   Ewan   composed   several   tunes   during   that week.   There   was   no   scarcity   of   devisers   wanting   to   create   new   dances   for   his   tunes. ”   Three   of   these dances   and   6   of   Ewan’s   tunes   are   included   on   this   CD,   plus   one   other   new   dance   and   13   well-known dances. Jean   continues:   The   strength   of   Ewan’s   playing   is   evident   throughout,   the   tempos   for   all   the   dances are   very   precise,   and   his   choice   of   alternative   tunes   complement   the   originals   very   well.   I   am   sure that this CD will be enjoyed by dancers and non-dancers alike.
Tribute the the Borders 8 x 32 Jig Daggs of Craighouse (Moira Reekie); Bung Your Eye; Cornerhouse Jig (Andrew Rankine); Southbrae (Jimmy Blair) The Triumph 4 x 24 Reel Triumph (Aird-1797); Cork Hornpipe; John Gideon Jamieson of Cullivoe (Iain MacPhail) Culla Bay 4 x 32 Strathspey The Macauleys of Benbecula (Frank Reid); Ian Powrie’s Compliments to Angus Fitchet (Ian Powrie); The Claymore Strathspey (Angus Cameron) Mrs Stewart’s Jig 8 x 32 Jig Captain Charles Stewart’s Jig (Malcolm Macdonald); The Dandy Dancer (Jim Johnstone); Joan’s Jig (Iain MacPhail); Christie MacLeod (Jim Johnstone) Lord MacLay’s Reel 4 x 40 Reel Lord MacLay’s Reel (D J Fyffe); Loch Torridon; Balmullo House (Bobby Crowe) Autumn in Appin 4 x 32 Strathspey - 2 chords The Hills of Lorne (Charlie Hunter); The Duchess Tree, The Cradle Song (both J Scott Skinner) Spiers Bruce - The Polestar 8 x 32 Jig Spiers Bruce (Muriel Johnstone); Bob Duncan of Parkhill (George Bell); Thornton Glen (David Patrick); Fourmerkland Tower (Ian Holmes) Jim’s Tangents * 8 x 32 Reel Jim Stott’s Tangents (Ewan Galloway); The New High Level; Polly Stewart; The Kettledrum The Wind on Loch Fyne 3 x 32 Strathspey Scotch Mist; Piper Play the Light Strathspey; Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
Law Society of Scotland 70 th  Anniversary Jig * 8 x 32 Jig The Law Society of Scotland Platinum Jig (Ewan Galloway); Donaghdee; Cavehill; Rosewood The Westminster Reel 8 x 32 Reel St Albans Caledonian Society (Chris Walker); Hamish Renton (John Renton); Aye Aye Chief - Martin Galloway’s Reel, H.M.S. Bristol (both Ewan Galloway) Cape Town Wedding 8 x 32 Strathspey Mr Dolph Morris’ Strathspey (Peter Kier); Jessie Smith; Braes o’ Tullymet; Lord Moira John Cass 5 x 32 Jig John Cass’s 90 th  Birthday (Ian Thow); The Laird of Cockpen; MacLeod’s Fancy; Pibroch o’ Donald Dhu; Wi’ a Hundred Pipers Stephen’s Found Baggage * 4 x 32 Reel Stephen’s Lost Baggage (Ewan Galloway); Cloudy Morning (Colin Finlayson); Margaret Webster’s Reel (Lindsay Ross); Always Welcome Director Jim * 4 x 32 Strathspey Director Jim (Ewan Galloway); The Bobby Harvey Strathspey, Jim Broon of Kintillo, Angus Fitchet’s Compliments to Ian Powrie (all Angus Fitchet) None So Pretty 8 x 40 Reel Johnnie in Nether Mains (Niel Gow); Miss Campbell (Adam Rennie); Drumleys; Fancy Hornpipe Miss Hadden’s Reel 8 x 32 Jig The Stone Court (Margaret Rae); Robin Brock’s Farewell to his Gall Bladder, The Pennymore Road, Miss Elizabeth Campbell’s Jig (all Colin Finlayson)
Track listing
* Dance instructions included in CD booklet
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