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The Sunday Class
Page last updated 21 st January 2020
Robertson: a musical heritage
A   tribute   or   a   celebration   or   a   voyage   of   discovery.   Whatever   you   call   it,   join   Ian   Robertson   (fiddle)   &   Muriel   Johnstone (piano)   for   a   programme   of   music   from   four   centuries   where   the   common   thread   is   that   everything   was   written   for   a Robertson   or   by   a   Robertson.   Music   from   the   great   names   of   the   Golden Age   of   Scottish   fiddle   music   rubs   shoulders   with   20 th   century   classics   as   well   as   newly   composed   tunes   from   Ian,   Muriel   &   Ian’s   son, Tom.   From   passionate   slow   airs   to   the   brightest of reels, by way of marches and waltzes, jigs and strathspeys there is something here for listeners and dancers alike.
6/8 Marches Ian Rose, Man of Mistley (Ian Robertson) Mr & Mrs McDonald of Home Park (Ian Robertson) Set of Reels 4 x 32 Reel Miss Robertson’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh) Miss Johnson (Mrs Robertson of Ladykirk) Mrs Robertson of Lawers’ Reel (Malcolm MacDonald) The Croft Conundrum (Ian Robertson) Salute to Ian Robertson 3 x 32 Strathspey Muriel Johnstone’s Compliments to Ian Robertson (Muriel Johnstone) The Struan Char (Ian Robertson); Robertson Crescent (Willie Hunter) Slow Air When Reality Dawns (Ian Robertson) Set of Jigs 8 x 32 Jig Eleanora Robertson’s Favourite (Nathaniel Gow) Mrs Robertson of Lawers’ Delight (Malcolm MacDonald) The Robertsons of Braeside (Muriel Johnstone) A Jig For Joan (Ian Robertson) Set of Reels 8x 32 Reel Tom’s Majority (Ian Robertson); Mr Robertson of Ladykirk (Nathaniel Gow) Rickety (Alan Robertson); Dr Robertson (Angus Fitchet) Slow Air & Slip Jig Mrs Robertson of Ladykirk’s Favourite (John Gow) Miss Isabella Robertson’s Hornpipe (Robert Mackintosh) Set of Strathspeys 8 x 32 Strathspey Miss Betsy Robertson (Trad); John Robertson (Bobby MacLeod) Miss Robertson - Edinburgh (William Marshall) Mrs Robertson of Lawers (Malcolm MacDonald) Stewart Robertson’s Strathspey (Robert Petrie) Colonel Robertson of Lawers (Malcolm MacDonald) Miss Robertson of Tullybelton (Nathaniel Gow) Mr Robertson of Lude (Niel Gow)
Pipe Medley Jim McBay’s Welcome (P/M J B Robertson - Scots Guards) Capt C M Usher’s Reel (P/M James Robertson - Gordon Highlanders) Four Score Reel (Ian Robertson) Slow Air Life, Love and Loss (Ian Robertson) Set of Jigs 5 x 32 Jig Orfosay (Margaret Robinson); Auntie’s Jig (Ian Robertson) Miss Judy Robertson of Little Rock (Muriel Johnstone) Sedorwood; Ian and Isobel (both Arthur Scott Robertson) Waltzes Jennifer; After the Summer Rain (both Ian Robertson) Set of Strathspeys 4 x 32 Strathspey Francis Robertson (Angus Fitchet) Peter Knight’s Strathspey (Ian Robertson) William J Birnie (Arthur Scott Robertson) Iain Stuart Robertson (Muriel Johnstone) Set of Reels 5 x 32 Reel Miss Eleanora Robertson’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh) Miss Stewart-Robertson of Edradynate (Robert Petrie) Fiddler o’ Bath (Bert Murray); Miss Mary L Robertson (William Marshall) Mrs George Robertson’s Reel (William Marshall) Mathilde is a Delight 3 x 32 Strathspey Air for Megan (Tom Robertson) A Friend For All Seasons; Half a World Away (both Ian Robertson) Pipe Jigs 6 x 32 Jig On the Road to Fermoy (P/M James Robertson - Gordon Highlanders) Betty Jessiman (P/M James Robertson - Gordon Highlanders) Home By Dawn (Ian Robertson) Set of Reels 8 x 32 Reel Willie Taylor’s Fiddle (Lell Robertson) The Awkward Customer; Dundry Hill (both Ian Robertson) Da Kirks (Margaret Robertson) Waltzes Waltz for Rebecca and Joe; Every Time I Dance (both Ian Robertson)
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