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The Sunday Class
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The Flitting of Lorn (R4x32) by Jean Attwood Enjoy   Jim’s   “variations   on   a   theme”   of   The   Spootiskerry,   for this dance from Alexander Book 8. Saint Andrew’s Jig (J4x32) by Jenny Bradley The   dance   and   sheet   music   for   the   lead   tune   are   published   in Nottingham   10.30.   The   tune   “The   European”   by   Tony   Payne refers    to    the    train    from    Glasgow    through    Nottingham    to Harwich which Tony used with his Sea Scout Troop. Duddingston Loch (S5x32) by Eddie McIntyre Very   little   is   known   about   this   dance   or   the   requested   lead tune “Drew and Eleanor” by Jack Stalker. Osgood Mackenzie of Inverewe (R4x32) by Michael Block The   original   dance   instructions   and   tune   “The   Hidden   Gem”   by Ron Kerr are reproduced, with permission, within the booklet. Stanford Swing (J8x40) by Bob McMurtry A    wonderful    swinging    set    for    this    dance    with    La    Baratte, published in The Devil’s Quandary. Deer Friends (S8x32) by Bob Anderson Another   traditional   strathspey   set   for   this   Canadian   dance   with an   interesting   setting   movement   published   in   The   St   Martin Collection 1.   The New York Hornpipe (R8x48) by Barry Priddey Beginning   with   the   named   tune,   this   set   romps   through   Red Wine    Reel    (Gordon    Shand),    iain    Peterson    by    John    Renton before   two   tunes   by   Muriel   Johnstone. The    dance    is    also    published    in    the Capercaillie Book.
Raising the Anchor (R5x32) by Iain Boyd Begins   with   Iain   Boyd’s   choice   of   tune   -   The   Caidin   O’t.   The dance is published in The Toyko Set and also Vive La Danse! The Globe Inn (J8x32) by Jackie Johnstone What   else   to   begin   this   dance   from   Dumfries   but   Tam   O’Shanter? The dance was published by Jackie in a leaflet in 1966. Miss Nidra Aitken (S3x32) by Francis Walduck Francis’s    strathspey    from   The    Dancing    Brolga    Vol.1    is    set    to three Muriel Johnstone tunes Forward to Frankfurt (R8x40) by Kenneth Reid James   McInnes   Esq.,   Dandaleith   by   Charles   Grant   is   the   lead tune    and    printed    alongside    the    dance    in    the    Birmingham Platinum (1946-2016) Book. Land of the Heather Hills (S4x32) 2 chds by Barry Priddey From   Barry   Priddey’s   Capercaillie   Book.   Beginning   with   Bonnie Gallowa’,   then   Liz   Donaldson’s   Dreams   Vanished   is   followed   by I   Wish   I   was   in   Glasgow   by   none   other   than   Billy   Connolly!   The set is completed by The Norland Wind. Hungarian Bride (R5x48) Sq. by Eric Finley This   dance   for   Judit   Hunyadi   and   Jean-Francois   Ginoux   from A Reel Goulash is all Brahms and Liszt! Five Penny Ness (J5x32) by Jean Attwood This   dance   was   published   in   one   of   the   Alexander   Leaflets   and the lead tune is Mr. & Mrs. Alex Ross by John MacGregor. Celebration at Higham (S8x32) by Rob Smith & friends Drumlanrig   Castle   (Niel   Gow)   begins   this   strong   strathspey   set. The dance is published in the Higham Hall Anniversary booklet.
There   are   many   excellent   dances   which   have   never   had   their   own   recording   and   this Recorded   Highlights   series   hopes   to   reacquaint   you   with   some   of   these   by   giving   you equally superb music to dance to. Jim   Lindsay   &   his   full   6   piece   band   have   performed   to   their   usual   sublime   best,   creating a   CD   which   you   will   want   to   listen   to   from   beginning   to   end,   encouraging   you   to   try every dance!
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