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Evening dance programmes For   most   of   us,   this   is   the   most   important   part   of   the   holiday   and   we   want   to get it Right for everyone! We will be following our established pattern ...   The dancing will commence each evening at 8.00 - 8.15 pm. as soon as convenient after our evening meal. On   the   first   night   we   will   have   a   short   programme   (to   recorded   music)   as   a   ‘Welcome   and   How Are   You?’   so that   there   is   also   time   to   relax   and   catch   up   with   friends.   On   the   other   4   main   dancing   nights   there   will   be 12   dances,   with   a   10min   or   so   interval   half   way   through,   and   we   will   aim   to   be   finished   before   11   pm.   We will   start   each   session   with   some   sort   of   warm-up   time   either   just   to   music   or   some   singing   from   Alex Hodgson.   The   dances   have   been   chosen   to   take   into   account   that   most   of   us   have   been   back   dancing   for   18   months or   so,   and   include   plenty   of   our   favourites   from   Marian   &   her   Band.   If   you   have   danced   with   me   before then   I   hope   that   most   will   be   familiar   to   you   but   there   will   be   a   walk-through   session   (at   4.30   probably)   on the   main   dancing   days   for   people   to   learn/brush-up   on   the   dances   for   that   day   so   that,   hopefully,   everyone who   would   like   to,   will   feel   able   to   get   up   and   join   in   during   the   evening,   with   the   minimum   of   re-caps necessary.   There   will   be   dances   on   the   programme   which   some   of   you   will   not   have   done   before   -   one   walk-through   of a   complicated   dance   is   not   enough   for   someone   who   really   doesn't   know   the   dance   but   how   are   people going   to   learn   these   dances   if   they   never   feel   confident   enough   to   join   in?   By   learning   the   dance   in   the afternoon   and   then   getting   a   chance   to   dance   it   amongst   friends   in   the   evening   will   hopefully   help   the   less experienced   and   more   shy   dancers   to   feel   included   and   give   them   a   sense   of   achievement.   Of   course   those who already know the dance well will be enjoying it too. Cribs Diagrams Cribs, diagrams & videos - All In One! Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Scottish Dancing at Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren  to Marian Anderson’s Scottish Dance Band
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