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The Sunday Class
A   dance   devised   in   early   2016,   for   Kathleen,   Glenna,   Joan,   &   Ruth,   and   the   dance   was   named   by   two   of   these women. Gaye   says:   When   I   was   devising   it   my   thoughts   were   on   four   women   who   had   gone   through   changes   in   their   lives and   seemed   to   have   come   out   the   other   side   stronger   and   ready   to   enjoy   their   new   path   in   life.   I   think   the   name they chose was very thoughtful and I love the beauty and grace of the Butterfly.
Taught/practised on: 2018 December 16 th 2019 January 6 th
BUTTERFLY  (R4x32) Gaye Collin  The Musicians’ Wedding  1- 4 1s dance towards each other & cast off (2s step up 3-4)  5- 8 1s+3s Advance&Retire  9-16 1s+3s   dance   Chain   Progression,   finishing   3L   behind   1L   facing   down, 1M behind 3M facing up 17-24 3M+1M   dance   alternating   tandem   RSh   reel   of   3   across   with   2s   while   1L+3L   dance   alternating   tandem   RSh   reel   of   3   across   with   4s,   all finishing on sides 2 3 1 4 25-28 1s+4s   (NHJ   on   side   briefly)   set   advancing   finishing   facing   up,   1s   (no hands)   cast   to   4 th    place   &   face   up,   while   4s   NHJ   dance   up   &   curve outwards to face down 29-32 1s, dancing in & up, turn 4s, to finish 1s in 4 th  place, 4s in 3 rd  place