The Sunday Class
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The   name   refers   to   King's   College,   University   of Aberdeen,   which   has   an ornate entry porch with a top like a crown. The   university   celebrated   its   quincentenary   in   1995   and   John   Drewry published a book of appropriately named celebratory dances. Knockando,   the   whisky   distillers,   produced   a   20   year   old   single   malt (distilled   in   1974   and   bottled   in   1995).   In   2016   a   bottle   failed   to   reach its   reserve   price   at   auction   -   the   highest   bid   being   £110   -   though   bottles did sell for £90 in 2017.
Taught/practised on: 2017 January 8 th January 22 nd
THE CROWN OF KING’S   (S96) Triangular set - Demo dance John Drewry   Quincentenary 1 st  PART  1- 4 All set to partner & change RH  5- 8 All Ladies LHA to partner’s place   9-16 All   set,   turn   ¾   RH   to   Men   BtoB   in   centre,   all   set,   turn   ¾   RH   to   own places 17-24 All   Men   dance   Fig.   of   8   round   partner   &   next   Lady   anti-clockwise, passing in front of partner to begin 25-32 Circle 6H to left, turn partner 2H, continue circle left to places 2 nd  PART  1- 4 1s   turn   2H   advancing   to   centre   &   open   out   to   1M   facing   2s,   1L   facing 3s, 1M+2s & 1L+3s set  5- 8 1M+2s   LH   across   while    1L+3c   RH   across,   all   finish   in   promenade   hold with partner, 1s in centre facing down  9-16 All   RSh   reel   of   3,   ending   in   straight   line   across   facing   audience   (end couples dance extra loops) 17-24 All   Set&Link   with   partner   twice,   finishing   with   1s   facing   each   other   & 2s+3sc facing own end of line 25-32 1s   form   arch   while   2M+3L,   followed   by   2L+3M,   dance   forwards,   meet in   centre,   dance   up   under   arch,   through   1 st    place   &   cast   back   to original places, 1s dancing up to place on last 2 bars 3 rd  PART  1- 4 All set to partner, turn RH (Ladies finish facing out)  5-16 Celtic Brooch formation:   `Men   RH   across 2 / 3    to   Lady's   place   while    Ladies   wide   cast   to   partner's place (as in Schiehallion reels)   `Ladies   RH   across 2 / 3    to   Man's   place   while    Men   wide   cast   to   Man's place (now next to partner again)   Repeat twice to original places, all Ladies stay facing out 17-24 All   Ladies   dance   Fig.   of   8   round   partner   &   corner,   passing   behind partner to begin 25-32 Circle 6H to left, turn partner 2H, continue circle left to places Note: If   the   dance   is   performed   on   a   stage,   1 st    couple   should   stand   at   the back   facing   the   audience,   while   the   other   two   couples   stand   near the front of the stage with their backs to the audience.