The Sunday Class
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This dance was devised to mark the occasion of John & Ruth Smith’s Ruby Wedding. It can be danced to Avon Valley Strathspey music which is recorded by Marian Anderson on The Kangaroo Paw CD.
Taught/practised on: 2019 March 24 th April 7 th June 30 th
JOHN & RUTH’S RUBY WEDDING  (S1x80) Ian Shepherd (November 2016)  1- 8 Grand Chain  9-16   1s   &   3s   (in   promenade   hold)   promenade   around   each   other,   Men passing LSh to  change sides, 1s+3s ½ R&Ls to original places 17-24 2s & 4s repeat bars 9-16 25-32 Crescent      reels:   1s+2L+4M   also   3s+2M+4L   dance   reel   of   4   across   (1s   & 3s pass  partners LSh to start) 33-40 Crescent      reels:   2s+1M+3L   also   4s+1L+3M   dance   reels   of   4   up/down (2s & 4s pass  partners LSh to start) 41-48 All Set&Llink with partner, turn "corners" 1½ BH 49-56 All    advance    for    2    with    "corners"    &    retire    with    person    originally opposite      (i.e.1M   with   3L;   2L   with   4M;   etc.),   Ladies   petronella   turn into centre & face out, all set 57-64 All dance interlocking reels of 4 65-72 Ladies   continue   ½   LH   across   to   face   partner   while   Men   set,   turn partner    RH    (4    bars)    into    Promenade    hold    facing    clockwise,    all promenade to original place 73-80 Circle   8H   round   &   back,   finish   with   Ladies   B-to-B   in   centre   facing partner for bow & curtsey