The Sunday Class
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Wandering   Willie   is   a   wandering   musician   in   Sir   Walter   Scott’s   “Redgauntlet”   -   one   of   the   major   highlights   of   the novel   is   "Wandering   Willie's   Tale",   a   ghost   story   with   the   climax   being   an   encounter   between   Willie's   grandfather, Steenie   Steenson   and   the   ghost   of   his   landlord   Robert   Redgauntlet.   All   of   the   supernatural   events   have   rational explanations which Willie mentions but vehemently denies. 62440   “Wandering   Willie”   was   also   a   locomotive   (D90   Scott Class)   on   the   North   British   Railway,   shown   here   standing   at the   north   end   of   Hawick   station,   probably   on   return   from   a banking duty to Whitrope Summit.
Taught/practised on: 2017 April 23 rd
WANDERING WILLIE  (J8x32) 2C Jean Attwood  Alexander Book 7  1- 4 1M+2L set advancing & turn RH  5- 8 1L+2M   set   advancing   &   turn   RH   to   finish   in   prom   hold   facing   Men’s side (Lady on M’s right)  9-16 Promenade reel of 3 diagonally, beginning RSh to 1M 17-20 2M+1L+1M   RH   across,   2M   dancing   to   own   place,   1L,   followed   by   1M, dancing down towards 2L 21-24 1L+1M+2L LH across, 1s finishing in 1 st  place opposite sides 25-32 1s   set,   cast   off   as   2s   step   up   &   dance   ½   fig.   of   8   up   through   2s   to finish in 2 nd  place