The Sunday Class
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To the memory of the bees of Maggieknockater which were sold and moved elsewhere. Mulben is the next place to Maggieknockater on the road between Craigellachie and Keith. A    member    of    Jennifer    Wilson’s    class    in    Elgin    tended    to    forget    the    name    of    the    dance    “The    Bees    of Maggieknockater” and referred to the dance as “The Wasps of Mulben”.
Taught/practised on: 2015 August 23 rd
THE WASPS OF MULBEN   (S4x32)  3s & 4s on opposite sides John Drewry  Summer Collection 1988  1- 8 2s   &   3s   dance   out   ends   &   cast   in   to   meet   other   partner   in   prom   hold, 2s+3s   dance   ½   RSh   reels   of   3   on   sides   (dancing   to   right)   &   end   in prom   hold   with   own   partner   in   2 nd /3 rd    place   (2s   face   up,   3s   down)     (4)2(3)1  9-16 2s   dance   LSh   reel   of   3   across   with   4s   while    3s   dance   LSh   reel   across with   1s   ending   in   prom   hold   with   other   partner   &   curving   round   to right (3M+2L face up, 3L+2M face down) 17-24 2s+3s   (dancing   out   ends)   dance   ½   LSh   reels   of   3   on   sides   ending   on sides      Sq.Set   formation   1   3(2)(4),   all   set   &   1s+3s   also   4s+2s   (corners) ½ turn 2H on sides to end on corners of square 25-32 All set diagonally & circle 8H round to left  3 1(4)(2)